Our amazing microfrontend solution for your portal project. Scalable, robust, and flexible in every dimension.


For creating rich interactive web app solutions using microfrontends we created Piral. Piral is an open-source framework that allows decoupled development, strong scaling in every dimension, and integration with existing services.

Piral also requires a backend service to provision the different frontend modules. We call this is a feed service. Besides consulting support in creating Piral instances and setting up teams for distributed development, we offer a premium feed service. Our free tier with limited requests and pilets is ideal to get started.

We are constantly expanding our set of enterprise grade microservices for Piral. Those will support you in directing full focus on your domain specific services rather than investing into common functionality.

Stay tuned for further updates regarding our enterprise services.

Plans and Pricing

0/ mo
  • for development workloads
  • up to 20 pilets
  • up to 50k requests
  • simple feature flags
  • no rollbacks
  • standalone
  • no SLA
Get Started
TBD/ mo
  • for production workloads
  • custom pilet limit
  • custom request limit
  • extended features
  • extended quality of service
  • integration optional
  • incl. SLA
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We also support alternative hosting options. If you prefer to host in your own cloud subscription or on-premise, please contact us - we'll figure something out!

If you have questions or need more information, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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